Adventures in lingerie

AGENT Provocateur – kinky,  slinky, scandalous – is lingerie made for assignations. Now, finally, it’s made it down under. Before it was here, when this British brand was still a mouse-click or plane-trip away, Kylie Minogue bestrode a beast – a mechanical bull – in an ad for the house that was promptly banned from TV. Then it was voted the best cinema commercial of all time. Of course.

Now Agent Provocateur, wholesale bikinis and its luxurious line of uplifting underpinnings, is here. At the boutique launch of the brand that prizes irony over homogeny, at David Jones Bourke Street, we were eager to learn, when was the last time you misbehaved?

”Maybe last weekend?” Emily Gillies ventured, ”When I drank a whole bottle of vodka with my friends.” Stylist Tre Dallas thought back a little further, to New Year’s Eve and the Together party at the Deck at the Prince, ”When we had champagne and danced the night away.” Make-up artist Shella Martin didn’t arrive at her reply readily. ”Give me a sec. I have to think about this so I don’t get anyone else in trouble.” She pondered – then decided, decidedly PG: ”Lying to my husband about buying lingerie.”

Rosa Russian smiled. ”My wedding day-night,”  she said. ”That was almost a year ago. I’ve been good since then.”

Reuse Recycle Recall’I AM glad it cannot happen twice, the fever of first love. For it is a fever, and a burden, too, whatever the poets may say.” Daphne du Maurier wrote that in the pages of Rebecca. On Thursday, at the Cool Australia Love Your Planet women’s luncheon at Zinc, Jason Kimberley, the founder of Cool Australia – a non-profit organisation educating students about a sustainable future – wanted to rewrite the pages of Valentine’s Day …whatever the poets may say.

”Celebrate Valentine’s Day,” he said, ”but not in the commercialised way it’s become. Think about our natural world; infinite growth on a finite planet is crazy.” So Joost Bakker reused and recycled – old gas bottles became centrepieces (pictured) – but we wanted to remember. Who or what was your very first love?

Kimberley’s heart belonged to the South Melbourne football club. ”I had the duffle coat with number 30 – Shane Zantuck – on the back. And I think I’ve still got Stewie Gull’s socks from 1976.” The day’s host, Catriona Rowntree, showed classic style, in a pin-up-worthy L’Wren Scott dress, and classic taste. Her first love was Maverick, Tom Cruise, Top Gun. ”I had the Top Gun poster above my bed,” she said. ”I went to a dress-up birthday party a few months ago and my husband dressed up as Maverick. I was weak at the knees.”

Set hearts racing’PUT the heart back into Valentine’s Day,” the invitation – and the Sisterhood – implored. This Sisterhood is not of the Travelling Pants variety, but a group of women – Rachel Holland, Kate McGrath, Jennifer Hansen, Kate Keane, Amber Petty, Sarah Kennedy, Kristen Kennedy, Erin Maxwell, Margie Amarfio, Gill Whelan, Suzy Harris and Kate Coghlan – committed to raising money for St Vincent’s hospital. Fittingly, on Thursday night, it was for the cardiac research unit.

So, at the Deck at the Prince with Valentine’s Days’ lovers and losers on the street below, and lucky dips, air kisses and a candy buffet (pictured) above, we wondered, when was the last time your heart did pound?

”When I met my partner – Trent – three-and-a-half years ago,” Rebecca Maddern said. ”It was embarrassingly love at first sight … for both of us – bang! People talk about chemistry and it does exist.”

Holland’s heart beat double-time not so long ago, when she found out she was pregnant. ”It was planned,” she said, ”so it wasn’t a surprise. It might be a spring racing carnival baby. My dog is going to have issues, though.”

Paul Licuria’s heart, too, bumped, jumped with the coming of a baby. ”When my son was born,” he nodded. ”A year-and-a-half ago.”

McGrath, though, was at a loss. ”I can’t even think,” she said. ”It’s been a while between poundings. Heart poundings!”

Yes, Jessica Simpson Has Amazing Legs, But Now Let’s Talk About That Flower Crown

Jessica Simpson cheap lingerie online already reached her goal weight in time for her nuptials, and her hard work is paying off for wedding on the way. The star is gearing up for her bridesmaid duties in sister Ashlees upcoming ceremony, and she just showed off her crazy-toned bikini body at her sister’s bachelorette party. Her legs, in one word? Insane. Read all about her workout here, and then join us in talking about another component of her poolside look: the flower crown.

Not just for music festivals anymore, flower crowns have become an “it” accessory for parties and milestone celebrations. Jess teamed her black, cleavage-enhancing one-piece with nude wedges and a pink ring of roses around her head, the perfect complement to her beachy waves. And yes, all the girls at the party had their own flower crowns as well.

Another place to wear a floral wreath? A baby shower! Alyssa Milano celebrated the impending birth of her second child, a daughter due in September, in a pretty print maxi dress and a big arrangement of fresh blooms on her head.

And lastly, and cheap lingerie online probably the most unique use of a flower crown to date, Kaley Cuoco wore a ginormous one to yoga class last week . Maybe it was her special day to lead sun salutations, or maybe they were playing a game of pass the flower crown, or perhaps she needed a solid base for her headstand? She hasn’t clarified yet.

6 Weird Ways Your Underwear Affects Your Health

Whether you cheap lingerie online stick to cotton briefs or you’re one of those brave souls who habitually rocks thongs, you should know that your underwear can seriously affect vaginal health and the overall comfort of your lady bits. Of course, we all have our own tried-and-true underwear preferences that work for us — and since no two vaginas are the same, it’s possible that although lace irritates the crap out of my downstairs, it may be perfectly OK for you to rock lace panties on the regular. Additionally, even the “right” underwear can cause some serious health problems if they’re too tight or too wet. That said, there are certain types of undies you should try to avoid as much as possible, and there are some universal underwear rules that every woman should know about. 

If you’re anything like me, then your underwear drawer probably contains a little bit of everything, and you probably also have days where you end up saying, “f*ck it” and opt to go commando. Whatever your underwear preferences are, though, it’s important to know the weird ways underwear can affect your health — because although vaginas are super strong, they’re also incredibly prone to irritation and infection.

Here are seven things to keep in mind about how your underwear choices can affect your vaginal health.

1. Super-Tight Underwear Can Lead To Yeast Infections Ingrown Hairs[Embed]As I’m sure you know, the skin around your vaginal area is thinner (and thus more sensitive) than the rest of your skin. Because of this, it’s very important to wear underwear that fits you right. Super-tight underwear causes an uncomfortable amount of friction that will lead to mild irritation at best and ingrown hairs at worst.

On top of that, tight underwear can contribute to the development of yeast infections because it allows for heat and moisture to build up in your vaginal area — and heat and moisture create the ideal setting for bacteria to grow down there, as we’ll see throughout this article.

2. Thongs Can Spread E. Coli To Your Vagina[Embed]Don’t freak out too hard over this item if you love thongs or rely on them for those times when you want to avoid panty lines. I’m not saying you shouldn’t ever wear a thong again, but if you do decide to keep thongs in your underwear drawer, there’s a few things you should know about how they can mess with your health.

Since thongs literally go inside of your butt crack, and they tend to slide around a lot, they can transfer E. coli bacteria from your anus to your vagina. Additionally, if you’re already prone to yeast infections, UTIs, and vaginal irritation, the wrong thong will only exacerbate your issues. So, if you want to continue wearing thongs, at least try to find a well-fitting one that won’t slide all over the place and isn’t too, too tight in the inseam. You should also avoid itchy fabrics like lace — which brings us to…

3. Breathable Fabrics Are Your Friend [Embed]The best fabrics for your pussy are breathable ones — (like 100 percent cotton and seamless panties) because non-breathable and synthetic fabrics like polyester and lace are more likely to irritate your vaginal area while simultaneously putting you at risk for developing yeast and bacterial infections. So, no matter how pretty they look, remember that panties made of lace, polyester, lycra, and nylon are not worth their cuteness — unless they’re meant to be appreciated and taken off very quickly.

4. Shapewear Can Cut Off Your Circulation, Mess With Digestion, Cause UTIs[Embed]The last thing I want to do here is Spanx-shame anyone, but shapewear can actually be pretty bad for you if you wear it too tight or for too long. If you don’t believe me, believe women’s health expert Donnica Moore, M.D., who told Grandparents (I know, I know) that if shapewear is really tight, you could have nerve impingement and decreased circulation. Moore also says that wearing shapewear can lead to more UTIs, though indirectly. Shapewear makes it very difficult to go to the bathroom, so when women wear them, they tend to hold it more than they should.” As you may already know, UTIs are the friggin’ worst — so if you’re going to keep wearing shapewear, at least be sure that you’re still urinating frequently enough to prevent yourself from developing a UTI.

You should also be aware that, as well as potentially giving you a UTI and decreased circulation, high-waisted spanx that cover you whole abdomen can stifle food digestion and cause you to experience bloating and gas — and that’s one of the least scary ways high-waisted shapewear can affect your health. Tight, high-waisted shapewear literally compresses your intestines, colon, and stomach. At best, this can worsen acid reflux and heartburn — but at worst, it can lead to erosive esophogitis and incontinence. Yikes.

5. Sweaty Underwear Can Lead To Yeast Infections You’ve probably already heard that sitting around in a wet swimsuit is bad for your vaginal health, but the same goes for wet, sweaty underwear. If you’re prone to sweating a lot, you should know that changing your underwear once a day probably isn’t going to be enough to protect your vagina from developing a yeast infection — you might want to actually keep a spare pair on hand. Also, on the days you hit the gym or go for a long walk in the park, change your undies as soon as possible after you’ve finished exercising — because all that wetness is like a breeding ground for yeast and bacteria.

6. Sleeping cheap lingerie online Commando Keeps Your Vag Happy  [Embed]You may already know from personal experience that sleeping in the nude is awesome, but it’s actually really good for your vaginal health, too. You know how we’ve been talking about the importance of letting your vagina breathe with breathable fabrics like 100 percent cotton and seamless panties? Well, apparently, nighttime is a great time to let your lady bits air out even more by going commando while you sleep. However, it’s not recommended to go without panties during the day, because the seam of your pants can rub your hooha in all the wrong ways and ultimately cause irritation.

7 Health Benefits Of Not Wearing Lingerie

Up until very cheap lingerie online recently, I was an underwear-every-day kind of gal. Then something happened (maybe I didn’t do laundry?) and I started venturing out into the world sans panties. I was instantly more comfortable, and felt oh-so-very free. But even more importantly, I realized there are so many health benefits of not wearing underwear. Why hadn’t I been going commando all along?

Well, like most women, I grew up thinking that underwear was an absolute necessity. Pulling on some cotton drawers was a normal part of getting dressed, and I never really questioned it. After all, when you think about it, underwear does kind of make sense. It helps to catch vaginal discharge, it holds your pad in place, and the right pair can even be kind of comfy.

That’s why people are on both sides of the fence when it comes to going commando. “The choice to wear no undergarment is a personal one that really depends on what youre wearing and what your preferences are,” says Cindy Barshop, founder and beauty, sexual health expert of VSPOT Medi-Spa, in an email to Bustle. “The timing of your cycle, if theres any discharge, and the soil [level] of [your] clothing are the factors to take into account when deciding if youre going to wear underwear.”

If you do go for a pair of panties, make sure they are cotton, according to Barshop. But if you want to skip that part of getting dressed, then be ready for a pretty comfortable life, as well as all of the health benefits listed below. Here are some of the reasons why 86ing your underwear can be a pretty good idea.

1. Air Can Flow Freely

One of the problems with underwear — especially the kind made of synthetic fabrics — is that it prevents air from flowing. And that’s not good. “The most important thing about [an] undergarment is aeration,” says Dr. Carolyn A. DeLucia, FACOG, MD, of VSPOT Med-Spa. That’s the action of air flowing through the garment and to your genitalia, according to Barshop. In this respect, wearing cotton panties is best. But going commando? Even better.

2. Your Bits Can “Breathe” At NightIf you don’t want to nix your underwear during the day, you should at consider going to bed panty-free. “[Experts] say it is much better to go fully commando at night to let your nether regions breathe and to avoid infection,” noted an article on the . “Bacteria can collect in that part of the body, especially if it becomes too sweaty.”

3. Bad Bacteria Is Less Likely To Migrate  If you’re a fan of thongs, it may be time to rethink what you slip into every morning. “Thongs are a no-no. Thongs act as butt floss,” Barshop says. “In clinical terms, [they aid] in bacterial transfer from the anal area into the vaginal area.” And yes, it can happen even after you’ve showered. So if you’re worried about VPL, going commando may be a better bet.

4. Yeast Infections Can Clear Up If constant yeast infections are your MO, skipping underwear can help clear things up. “Allowing the air to hit this area is important because it stops the moisture trapped by our underwear from causing a yeast infection and skin irritation externally,” Barshop says. Good news for those of us who are feeling a bit… itchy.

5. There’s Less Friction While Exercising  If underwear traps sweat and moisture throughout the day, then you can only imagine how messy things can get whilst working out. And that’s why it’s often a good idea to exercise without undies. “The combination of heat, sweat, and friction in your nether regions is not only uncomfortable, it can be unhealthy,” noted an article on .

6. UTIs Can GTFO Again, underwear can trap bacteria and start it heading in the wrong direction. “When bacteria travels from back to front, it increases your risk for contracting an uncomfortable urinary tract infection (UTI) as well,” noted . “These can both be prevented if you pay special attention to what you wear below the waist.” And sometimes, the best answer is “nothing.”

7. Your Sex cheap lingerie online Life Will Get A BoostOf course you should do whatever makes you feel sexiest — whether that be wearing pretty lingerie, or sporting cute undies. But some people really do get a kick out of going panty-less. Not only does it increase sensations throughout the day, according to Alexia LaFata on EliteDaily, but the idea is kind of fun for your partner, too.

I Tried Edible cheap lingerie online — And This Is What Happened

I dontdo sexy cheap lingerie online well. My best attempt usually comes in the form of a half-joke after myhusband, Jack, says something innocuous. Him: Did you charge your phone? Me:Oh baby, Ill charge anything you want. Or, him: We need lightbulbs. Me: Ohbaby, you can handle my bulbs, anytime. Then Jack laughs/rolls his eyes/pointsout the defense mechanism that is making a joke of intimacy, and we get back towhatever we were doing. The one time when I asked — sincerely — that he talkdirty to me, I caught Jack so off-guard that he recited a poem by the 18thcentury Scottish poet Robert Burns, about what it means to be a man. Oddlyenough, it was sort of a turn-on.

I tried seduction the old-fashioned way: I once cooked a meal wearingan apron and high heels and nothingelse. But when Jack came home from work and saw me standing over my casserole,he laughed hard enough for me to get angry, until I gave in and joined him.Laughter has always been our go-to aphrodisiac.

So you can see how I might not bethe best tester of edible underwear. Normally, Id have too little confidencein my sex appeal and too big a blush-reflex. But in thespirit of the season, I decided to give it the old college try. Maybe this willbe the thing that lessens the levity, I figured, and turns me into the bedroom goddessIve always secretly wanted to be. But first, like any good goddess in training,I did my research.

Edible underwear was invented in1975 by two young entrepreneurs from Chicago, David Sanderson and Lee Brady.They called their product Candypants, and made about $150,000 a month inprofit. Almost immediately, the garment became arguably the most divisivenovelty item in American history. Al Goldsten, who would later credit with bringing hardcore pornographyinto the mainstream, incorporated Candypants into his First Amendment defensewhen his dirty magazine landedhim with obscenity charges. Meanwhile, on the , the Polish-American novelist JerzyKosinski called edible underwear the essence of American freedom. But acharacter in this same authors best-selling book questions its efficacy:

Today, the offerings may haveexpanded (beef jerky briefs!), but the same questions persist, and the productis no less controversial — at least not when lingerie shops in Louisiana areaccepting food stamps in exchange for tasty unmentionables, and women on socialmedia are selling licorice thongs only worn once.

And yet, food and sex are intertwinedfor a reason. Eating and mating are primordial urges. And both release everyonesfavorite pleasure hormone, dopamine. Its the reason the language gets so blurry.Orgasms become delicious and meals orgasmic. Food makes us horny. Sexmakes us hungry. Its all very scientific.

So — in the cheap lingerie online name of science and a sexlife more serious — I looked up the website for the nearest sex shop (excuseme, romance boutique) and saw vibrating panties, crotchless cage-backpanties, and something called shock therapy pleasure panties (commence theblushing), but nothing of the edible variety.

AnaOno Intimates Mastectomy Lingerie Founder On Making Rad Bras For Cancer Survivors

“It’s a version of my name, Dana Donofree,” the founder and designer of AnaOno Intimates, a new line of lingerie for breast cancer survivors, tells me on the phone. “We went through a lot of names for the line. But then, a very funny college roommate of mine, who I love, said, ‘Call it AnaOno, because it’s like you lost your double Ds.’ It’s brilliant.”

The name brilliant, and it’s most likely Donofree’s ability to find humor in that kind of candor that carried her through her most difficult times. At age 28, she was diagnosed with breast cancer. The news came as a shock to Donofree who, like most 20-somethings, hadn’t really considered the possibility.

“When I discovered it, it was a total freak accident. I’d had a breast exam in December, and no one feltanything,” Donofree adds. “In January, I was checking a pimple in my armpit. Haphazardly, mywrist brushed across a bump in my breast tissue.

What came next was a crisis that no 28-year-old (or anyone, really) should have to face, especially considering it happened just two months before her wedding day. Unfortunately, those plans had to be put on hold so Donofree could start her treatment.

Quickly after her diagnosis, Donofree had a double mastectomy with reconstruction, a process that didn’t come without its challenges. After the mastectomy, expanders were put into her chest to prepare her body for the reconstruction. It took about four weeks for those surgeries to heal, after which she was presented with a difficult course of chemotherapy. Donofree crashed twice during her treatment, meaning that her platelets dropped so low that she had to have several blood transfusions.

“Some people go through surgery and treatment with no issues,” Donofree explains. “And some people go through with every issue in the book.”

Shopping for bras post-surgery was incredibly frustrating for Donofree, and that frustration was the impetus for AnaOno Intimates, headquartered near her home in Philadelphia. She has a background in fashion design and pattern making, and began her business by deducing the reasons why women in her situation have such a hard time finding lingerie.

“For me, I thought about my reconstruction as a boob job,” Donofree says. ”But it was nothing close to that. I had the expectation that I would just go back to my life as normal, but that wasnt going to happen. When it came to bras not fitting, I realized that the biggest problem was the underwire,” Donofree tells me. “Five years ago when I was diagnosed, the underwire was popular. Theyre meantfor a purpose, to give breasts support, and shape. When we get surgery, we get built-in support. Some people also lose a lot of their feeling [around the breast], so if the underwire isuncomfortable, you dont feel it. Doctors tend to not recommend underwires for mastectomy and lumpectomy patients.”

But without underwires, the current lingerie market was a vast expanse of sports bras and camisoles. While many choose those options for comfort, Donofree felt that there should be sexier, more playful bras available for those who didn’t want to completely leave their former lingerie preferences behind.

“The response I was hearing was, ’You dont have to wear a bra at all,’”Donofree says. “But I waslike, ‘I to, its part of my wardrobe. Just because you dont itdoesnt mean you dont it.’”

Donofree’s earliest designs for AnaOno Intimates were geared towards herself and other survivors who’d had reconstruction. Quickly after she started, though, she realized that just as each breast cancer diagnosis and treatment is unique, so too are the lingerie needs of each woman.

“I launched it with the reconstructed woman in mind,” she says. “As I wasexposed to more women, I realized that it didnt stop there. For instance, awoman with a lumpectomy, who has a scar in a sensitive area — she also needsa bra that feels comfortable. I was also meeting a lot of women who got mastectomies who didnt want areconstruction or prosthetic, but it didnt mean they didnt want to wearlingerie. So thats when I startedtrying my product on different body types and surgery types.”

Today, the AnaOno Intimates collection is comprised of five styles of bra, each of which caters to specific post-operative needs. They range in size S to XXL at a reasonable price point of about $32 to $58. Five percent of all AnaOno proceeds go to breast cancer foundations each year, including Jill’s Wish and Living Beyond Breast Cancer. Donofree also has plans to expand the line as quickly as she can, creating a pocketed bra for women who wear breast forms, as well as extending the range to accommodate more plus sizes. For Donofree, the most important aspect of her collection is that it intentionally connects with real survivors at each stage of the process.

“I design everything myself, and do all of the fitting onreal survivors,” she says. “On the website, all the women modeling the products aresurvivors. Thats really important for me, because thats who the product isfor. For me it’s important that women know and trust that their bras are coming specifically for them.”

In addition to the launch of her collection, the now 33-year-old Donofree recently celebrated another major landmark: Her body hasn’t shown any evidence of cancer for the last five years. What she’s accomplished during that time has made a profound impact on her own life, and the lives of other women going through the same thing. For Donofree, though, the goal wasn’t to inspire or move people: It was simply to help women facing the same challenges that she was.

“Shopping for intimate apparel after thesesurgeries is hell,” she says. “You have to do so much guesswork just to find one that fitsyou. I wanted to help take that guess work out of the equation.”

I Wore Lingerie As Outerwear For A Week Here’s What Happened

If there’s one cheap lingerie online thing that being a ’90s kid taught me it’s that slips and camisoles make for totally acceptable tops. When I first started thinking about the 2015 lingerie as outerwear trend there was definitely something about it that didn’t feel so new. I’m totally being transported back to the days where I twisted my hair back in butterfly clips and wore a teal cotton camisole with lace trim to middle school. 

When I think about it now, I’m surprised I never got a single dress code violation in middle school (though I did get detention for talking too much). Thanks to the Spice Girls, slip dresses and baby doll dresses were all the rage and I didn’t think twice about there really being any sexual suggestiveness behind these pieces. But as I grew up and came into my sexuality, my relationship with lingerie got more complicated.

Since I struggled with the idea of being seen only as a sexual object even in just a fitted T-shirt and leggings, lingerie was out of the question for me — in the bedroom or outside of it. But I hate feeling like I have limitations in fashion. It’s been a journey to learn to love lingerie and I longed for my carefree middle school self who thought she was a younger, fatter Posh Spice. So I decided that I was going to break my own self-imposed restriction and create a new narrative for me and lingerie. What better way to do it then wearing it as outerwear for seven days straight?

Day 1The discomforts I still have with lingerie are pretty evident in this image. I basically put on the most covered up outfit I could find and then put a vintage floral camisole I had gotten from the thrift store on top. It’s a challenge to find plus size lingerie at the thrift store — this was an XL, which didn’t quite fit my 3X bod. There was nothing sexy or comfortable about this look for me and I knew I had over-compensated with covered-up styling in attempts to ease my own discomforts.

I really didn’t see anyone all day while I was wearing this since I work alone from a studio space until my best friend came to help me package some orders. Her first reaction was, “Is it still dress like a grandma week?” Welp. I guess I had achieved the whole not being seen as a sexual object thing, but something about this look made me feel like I was still hiding.

Day 2Discouraged from the day before, I decided to pull out a piece I was sure would be the star. I put a leather moto vest over it and hoped that today would be better. After all, I thought, this slip basically looks like a dress. When I got to brunch my mom said, “I like that dress but it looks like a slip,” while her friend politely remarked, “I love that dress! I had no idea it was a slip” after I explained the experiment. So maybe it wasn’t passing as a dress as well as I had initially thought it would.

If I did wear lingerie in the bedroom, it would probably never be something this long. It was sort of laborious to wear a slip like this all day. I kept getting it caught on things and it was hard to get in and out of my car. When I got to my boyfriend’s place later that evening, the confidence I felt in this slip had mostly turned to annoyance. He quickly commented, “Is that a dress or a nightgown?” I replied “It’s a nightgown technically but I think it really looks like a dress.” His response was pure gold: “OK, Rue McClanahan,” referencing the actress who played Blanche Devereaux on the Shewas devastatingly glamourous and probably wouldn’t have been half as annoyed as I was wearing this dress/nightgown.

Day 3They say red is the color of confidence, so I figured this red lace bralette was my ticket to getting into the swing of this whole lingerie as outerwear thing. Even though I was wearing a tank top underneath the sheer lace bralette, my actual bra was also showing most of the day. I really liked this look.

My boyfriend cheap lingerie online said, “You could go to work in that outfit” which kind of shocked me mostly because I got in trouble at the last 9-5 job I had for wearing jewelry that was “too loud.” I can imagine the lace bralette/actual bra showing combo wouldn’t have gone over well there. When my best friend arrived at my studio later that day, her comment was oddly similar to my boyfriend’s. She said, “It’s like a suit but not.” So maybe the key to dressing like lingerie as outerwear is channelling Romy Michele during the Post-Its scene.

I Wore Sexy Lingerie For A Whole Week And I Think It Changed My Self Image

There’s probably cheap lingerie online not a single style or type of lingerie that I don’t already own, have owned, or have on an e-commerce wish list to buy sometime soon. Even so, I was skeptical about the relationship between the type of lingerie you wear and its effect on your mood and confidence levels. Having lingerie that makes me feel comfortable, feminine, and sensual is an essential part of both my wardrobe and my self care regimen. It seems frivolous, but having something I can put on each day or slip into when I get home is grounding — even if I’m not able to do anything else for myself that day.  

That being said, my preferences are distinctly soft and feminine: Pinks, peaches, subtle lace, and flowing negligees are what fill my lingerie drawers. So what would actually change in a week of wearing styles that were relatively polarized to the pieces that I’d usually pick for myself? A few months ago, I found myself in a life slump: Tired from working too much, exhausted from dealing with anxiety, stuck with a bunch of lingerie I bought when I was straight size, and just not feeling especially excited about anything I was doing sartorial-wise.

Also, for the first time in my life, I wasn’t really feeling all that . Not like I wasn’t wanting to have sex with my partner or masturbate or anything, but I was just feeling ambivalent about myself as a sexual creature — and I wanted to feel that way anymore! I bought a few new bras out of necessity, but felt like a serious shake-up of my lingerie action could help me lighten up a bit and give me a dose of more vibrancy. I wanted to feel like this:

So I turned to someone I knew on Twitter and trusted to help me out: Katrina McKay, CEO of Ohhh Canada and upcoming author of .

“Lingeries not just for date night. Pretty panties (if thats your thing) should be for every day. You wouldnt wear a crappy old t-shirt that you hate every day, would you?” Katrina asks me by email. “Thinking about our lingerie as being unimportant means that we are overvaluing our public life over our private lives.”

And she was right, so even though my sex life is relatively private(I like to overshare on my Twitter alt, so sue me), I wanted to really do this for me and myself. So I would try wearing sexy lingerie, unlike anything I owned, under my clothes for a whole (work) week. Like, really vampy lingerie that was the complete foil to my generally understated, soft, feminine pieces.

“Im a big believer in the concept of ‘priming’ — the idea that youre sending messages to your subconscious all the time,” Kat explains. “When the first thing youre putting against your skin when youre getting dressed is a pair of panties youd be embarrassed of if anyone peered into your lingerie drawer, what message are you sending yourself?” So she picked out and sent me a box of plus size lingerie from the Canadian adult shop and I got to work.

[Embed]Day 1: Working From HomeSo, since I write for Bustle remotely, my Sunday-Tuesday wardrobe consists mainly of various pajama-esque non-pajama items. Generally I’m wearing a cotton dress with an elastic waist and a cotton cardigan-ish bathrobe. Nothing that I’d try to pass off as an outfit at the office, but would look fine if I had to make an emergency coffee run. Or if I had to answer the door for my mailwoman.

I switched it out for this black lace chemise. Still comfortable but instantly, I perked up a bit. The silky fabric felt great against my skin and looking down and seeing lace gave me a little thrill. The experiment was off to a good start.

Day 2: Working From Home (Again)I woke up feeling crappy after too little sleep and really just wanted to work from bed in my sweatpants. Instead, I threw on this sheer booty short and halter top set and made myself an espresso before settling back into bed to write.

While this didn’t make up for my lack of sleep or totally turn my day around, it was nice to check out my boobs every time I walked by a shiny surface. Since they were mesh, I also had to deal with seeing my lower tummy all day. While at first, my initial reaction to it was, “Blech, I don’t wanna see,” it definitely became a more chill occurrence as the day went on — which is irrevocably an unexpected plus.I kept the panties on under a dress I wore to work at my retail job that night and was definitely aware they were there in the best way. Did this encourage a little self love in the bath once I got home? I’ll say yes.

Day 3: Working At The Office I decided to wear a va-va-voom level sexy hot pink and black velvet bra with some garter pantyhose for a little extra oomph. I was spotting a bit that day, so I chose to wear some high-tech, leak-proof undies instead of a fancy pair of lacies, but the bra and garter definitely did the trick to have me feeling saucy.

I sit at a desk for most of the day, so wearing this outfit underneath pants and feeling every rub of the nylons against my pants gave me a little tingle and reminded me what I was wearing. Being made aware of my body and its presence countlessly throughout the day was a really lovely and unexpected side effect of this outfit.

I did have to do a fair amount of adjusting when I sat down or stood up and disrobing at the gym was a little bit funny, but I went home nylon-less and it made me feel hyper-aware of the sensation of the jeans against my legs. Bodily awareness, FTW.

Day 4: Working A 13-Hour DayThe pictures of me in this getup were a little too NSFW, but I decided to don this red and cream rose print bustier for a hella long day at two of my jobs. I didn’t really think about the fact that my boobs would be spilling out of the cage bra-style top, so that was my bad. Having to scoop up my unruly boobs every now and then really just ended up being an excuse to touch my boobs a bunch all day — not bad!

The real moment of like, “Oh, I  right that doing this would help,” was at the end of the day. It was dark, I was exhausted, and disheveled. I was stripping down for a shower when I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror adjacent to my bathroom. My hair was a mess, my makeup had mostly melted off, I had serious armpit stubble, and I realized how gorgeous I looked. I didn’t the lingerie to look at myself more gently and see the beauty that was there, but after almost a week of being more aware and more comfortable with my body, it did come easier. It also reminded me that I can be pretty and sexy at time: Not just when my hair is done right, not just when I am looking my freshest, not in order for anyone else to see it, or not just when I am to.

Getting myself in the mindset of feeling beautiful and of doing something indulgent for myself every morning had no doubt contributed to that moment of appreciation. Well, damn. I guess this was working.

Day 5: Working At The Office, Drinks After WorkFor my final day of the challenge, I wore my favorite outfit of the week: This hot pink bustier. It was something I would have never chosen for myself and it made me feel really confident and a little sassy. I loved the brightness and wearing something so bold underneath my clothes made me feel like I had the best little secret in the world. I kept sneaking to the bathroom to peek at myself in this shade, and I definitely felt myself walking taller and smiling a little bit bigger.

I accepted an invitation for drinks after work when I’d usually just pass and say we should just head home to let the sweatpants and Netflix begin. I was definitely feeling my look that day and wanted to spend a little more time out and about, even though it had been a long-ass week. When I did arrive home, I chose to change into my silky black chemise instead and felt like a glamorous heiress laying around and eating chocolate instead of a puddle of fleecy cotton. Score.

So, What?Adding new pieces to your wardrobe or new lipstick to your makeup bag mean that you literally make an investment in your appearance: And it doesn’t have to be for anyone else. Taking time each day to pick out the outfit, do up the buckles and clasps, and admire the way I looked made me spend more time with myself, thinking about my appearance in a positive way.

If you follow me on Twitter, this was the week that I posted approximately 7309278 selfies. I don’t necessarily think that the average babe has to go out and replace of her underthings to feel these things or to bring about mindfulness, but it was definitely a fun way to go about it.

Seeing cheap lingerie online yourself in a different way, regardless of what that may be, is always a good way to jar ourselves out of the familiarity that we have with our self-image. Who or what do we see more than ourselves? Taking a common sight and making myself reconsider it and notice new things could take place in a manner of ways. Seeing my body in new colors, styles, and garments that made it look differently forced me to change my self-image. Wearing the lingerie itself didn’t do it, but using the experience as a lens to view myself through did. It broadened my perspective of what my body is and how I relate to it. And it just made me feel super cute.

How To Know If Your Underwear Fits You Correctly By Avoiding These Tell-Tale Signs

Underwear cheap lingerie online might seem like a pretty straightforward thing, but understanding how to know if your underwear fits you is a more complicated than sticking your legs through the holes. For every great pair of underwear Ive bought, there have been a dozen pairs thatregularly inconvenience my life. If you look for these secrets to selecting great-fitting undies in the pairs that you already own,youll be way more likely to pick out pairs that fit great, feel great,and look great the next time you go shopping.

Now, please note: I dont mean to downplay the nightmarethat is underwear shopping. Its often a huge hassle to find your size, yourenot allowed to try them on after youve finally found what youre looking for,and something about the phrase loose underwear bin just does not sit rightwith me. Because I cant try them on when shopping for new underwear, I usually opt to buy my underwearonline. Then, at least, I have the reviews, pictures, and size charts to guideme. Once you know your underwear mistakes of the past, it makes the wholeexperience that much easier. Check out these telltale signs that your underwearjust isnt working for you, so you can finally find a pair that does.

1. Youre Getting Yeast InfectionsLunaireWomen’s Boy Shorts (5-9), $16-$27, Amazon

When yeast infections are a common thing, its a telltalesign that the material youre wearing isnt breathable enough. Go for somethingsheer and lacy, like these Lunaire boy shorts. They come in your choice of five different designs, andhave a stretch lace trim that offers full coverage without restricting airflow. Reviewers say theyre sexy, fit well, are stretchy and comfortable, andthey totally love the quality.

2. You Feel Too ConfinedMaidenformLace Thong (One Size), $19, Amazon

When your panties start to feel more like a prison than a meansof hygiene, switch to this Maidenform lace thong. The stretchy lace band provides aneffortless fit, the breathable cotton lining allows for just the right amountof protection, and the back fits comfortably, too. Itsgot such high ratings because it hugs the right places, looks great, and feelslike nothing at all.

3. You Can See Underwear Lines

Drama QueenNo Panty Lines Thong (S-XL), $14, AmazonSome people arent bothered by underwear lines, but if youare, try these no panty lines thongs. Their entirely seamless laser cutand body-hugging fabric is invisible underneath slacks, yoga pants, or tightdresses, and they provide a great shape that works for many style preferences. You canget it in your choice of five different colors, and theyve been called a musthave for all tight clothing.

4. The Seams Are Cutting Into YouTorrid Striped Seamless Hipster Panty (Sizes 0 Plus-4 Plus), $13, AmazonIf youre perpetually dealing with red lines on your skin and seams that seem ready to snap, go for something like these seamless hipster panties. Instead of thicker, confining material, these edges are super flat, so they stretch and mold to your body for a comfortable and effortless fit. They also wont ride up, and are made with a lightweight, durable, and breathable fabric

5. They’re Making You ItchyBoodyOrganic Bamboo Briefs (S-L), $10-$15, Amazon

A lot of women are really sensitive to certain fabrics, orthe dyes,additives, or chemicals within them. If youre perpetually itchy down thereand youve ruled out the possibility of a yeast infection, check out these Boody organic bamboo women’s briefs. Theyre made with 80 percent organic bamboo rayon, whichmakes them extra soft, lightweight, and comfortable, as well asmoisture-wicking and breathable.

6. You Dont Have Enough Butt SupportMaidenform Smoothe Luxe Hipster (Sizes 5-8), $4-$20, Amazon

Some people totally go for the under-butt look, but if you find yourself having to pull your underwear down over your cheeks all day long, go for something with more coverage, like these luxe hipster undies. These undies have a satin stretch waistband and a breathable lace front, which make them perfect for lounging around in comfort or turning things up.7. Theyre Drooping In The Crotch AreaNoPinching No Problems Modern Brief Panty (M-XXXL), $6-$21, Amazon

When you start to feel the crotch of your underwear slippingdown your pant leg, its time for an upgrade. This ‘NoPinching, No Problems’ modern brief panty is a go-tofor so many women because its made from a stretchy and shape-holding material thathugs your body in all the right places. It offers full coverageand a high elastic waistband that keeps your underwear where it should be, andone reviewer puts it quite eloquently: I thought I was going to have to resortto suspenders. Thankfully, a pair of these came straight to my door, from thispurveyor of undergarments.

8. The Waist Gets Stretched Out Too EasilyCalvinKlein Women’s Modern Cotton Bikini Panty (S-L), $8-$20, Amazon

If, by the third wash, your underwear looks more like aclassy curtain draped halfway across your butt, this CalvinKlein modern cotton bikini panty is anawesome option. Its got a comfortable but durable wide waistband to keep thingsup and in place, and the bikini fit is crazy comfortable, fits well, and feelsgreat.

9. Youre Flat-Out UncomfortableYoumitaBamboo Plus Size Panties (2X-4X), $21-$29, Amazon

If a pair of underwear is just all-around pinchy, tight, andconfining, go for the next size up. These Youmita bamboo panties are some of the most comfortablestyles out there, and theyre absolutely adorable, too. Theyre madefrom cotton, spandex, and bamboo yarn, and are super breathable, soft, and hugthe body in all the right places without making you feel restricted.

10. You Dont Feel Protected During Your PeriodLeakProof Control Panties (4-8), $13-$19, Amazon

Regardless cheap lingerie online of your go-to feminine hygiene products, thereare some panties you just wearthat week — for example, your favorite white lace thong. Instead, reach forthese leak-proof undies. They come in a pack of two orthree, and they are made with an inner leak-proof lining that can hold hours of thatarbitrary blue liquid in period commercials (or, yknow, blood). Use them alongsidetampons or pads for assured protection, or entirely on their own, and reviewerssay theyre comfortable, they fit well, and they offer full coverage.

11 Reasons Why Being Naked Will Always Be Hotter Than Lingerie

Ibought my cheap lingerie online first set of lingerie online at the age of 27. When frexting my friends foropinions once it arrived, many assumed it was a bold swimsuit. Thisisn’t meant to insinuate any sort of prudishness on my end; I thinksexuality is super fluid and rad and people should enjoy their own inwhatever consensual way they want. It just took one tipsy Thursday totest my theory and order a set. Just to see what would come of it. (Spoiler: it was adumb waste of money.) I never bothered wearing lingerie before because I had a hunch that being naked would always be sexier, and also free, which I enjoy very much.

Ifeel the same way about lingerie as I do about fancy wrapping paper: It can becomplicated, it costs unnecessary dollars, and ultimately it justkeeps you away from the good stuff longer than is reasonable. I guessmovies and magazines popularized the concept of “treating yourpartner” with some smokin’ new series of knots and feathers andjunk dangling from your body like some ridiculous network ofChristmas ornaments. As a person who is attracted to men, I gottaadmit that I am  lingerie for men hasn’t exactly attained mass popularity. Take itoff, I say! Burn it! Or better, just don’t buy it. After all, nudityis healthy.It’s natural and BONUS: it’s pretty dang hot. Here’s why you shouldchoose naked over lingerie:

It’sinstantWhohas time to wait around for all the  disrobing?Also, TBH, getting skinny jeggings off sweaty summer legs isdifficult and robs us of enough time anyway. Why add to that? We’vegot places to be, people to bang. Let’s go.

Itcould save your partner some stressListen,I already super hate to discover a button fly while, y’know, alreadydeep in the midst of . But then there’s thepossibility of MORE STEPS between you and getting someone naked? Although the feathery thong you purchasedspecial for this post-Applebee’s date night is probably way adorablein some warped way, chances are yourpartner will have no immediate idea how to help free you of it. Imean, I get that part of the idea of lingerie is allowing others toogle you in it some prior to its shedding—but how long can a personpretend they’re admiring stitchwork while secretly hunting for azipper? Snaps? Hooks? ANYTHING? WILL YOU DIE IN THIS SEXY ROOSTERCOSTUME?

So much cheap lingerie online stressHave you ever had alover/crush/person-of-boneable-interest write and then play a songfor you? Or even just play a song that someone else wrote that they want to play for you? It’s a verynice gesture but it also could cause quite the uncomfortableexperience—namely with eyeball stuff. Do you watch their hands onthe guitar? Make eye contact? Close your eyes completely? This dilemma holds up for skimpy underthings. I have no idea if there is a standard protocol of how long aperson is supposed to openly appreciate your effort, financial andspiritual investment when they peel off your maxi dress to find nylonspiderwebs darting across your boobs.