How To Know If Your Underwear Fits You Correctly By Avoiding These Tell-Tale Signs

Underwear cheap lingerie online might seem like a pretty straightforward thing, but understanding how to know if your underwear fits you is a more complicated than sticking your legs through the holes. For every great pair of underwear Ive bought, there have been a dozen pairs thatregularly inconvenience my life. If you look for these secrets to selecting great-fitting undies in the pairs that you already own,youll be way more likely to pick out pairs that fit great, feel great,and look great the next time you go shopping.

Now, please note: I dont mean to downplay the nightmarethat is underwear shopping. Its often a huge hassle to find your size, yourenot allowed to try them on after youve finally found what youre looking for,and something about the phrase loose underwear bin just does not sit rightwith me. Because I cant try them on when shopping for new underwear, I usually opt to buy my underwearonline. Then, at least, I have the reviews, pictures, and size charts to guideme. Once you know your underwear mistakes of the past, it makes the wholeexperience that much easier. Check out these telltale signs that your underwearjust isnt working for you, so you can finally find a pair that does.

1. Youre Getting Yeast InfectionsLunaireWomen’s Boy Shorts (5-9), $16-$27, Amazon

When yeast infections are a common thing, its a telltalesign that the material youre wearing isnt breathable enough. Go for somethingsheer and lacy, like these Lunaire boy shorts. They come in your choice of five different designs, andhave a stretch lace trim that offers full coverage without restricting airflow. Reviewers say theyre sexy, fit well, are stretchy and comfortable, andthey totally love the quality.

2. You Feel Too ConfinedMaidenformLace Thong (One Size), $19, Amazon

When your panties start to feel more like a prison than a meansof hygiene, switch to this Maidenform lace thong. The stretchy lace band provides aneffortless fit, the breathable cotton lining allows for just the right amountof protection, and the back fits comfortably, too. Itsgot such high ratings because it hugs the right places, looks great, and feelslike nothing at all.

3. You Can See Underwear Lines

Drama QueenNo Panty Lines Thong (S-XL), $14, AmazonSome people arent bothered by underwear lines, but if youare, try these no panty lines thongs. Their entirely seamless laser cutand body-hugging fabric is invisible underneath slacks, yoga pants, or tightdresses, and they provide a great shape that works for many style preferences. You canget it in your choice of five different colors, and theyve been called a musthave for all tight clothing.

4. The Seams Are Cutting Into YouTorrid Striped Seamless Hipster Panty (Sizes 0 Plus-4 Plus), $13, AmazonIf youre perpetually dealing with red lines on your skin and seams that seem ready to snap, go for something like these seamless hipster panties. Instead of thicker, confining material, these edges are super flat, so they stretch and mold to your body for a comfortable and effortless fit. They also wont ride up, and are made with a lightweight, durable, and breathable fabric

5. They’re Making You ItchyBoodyOrganic Bamboo Briefs (S-L), $10-$15, Amazon

A lot of women are really sensitive to certain fabrics, orthe dyes,additives, or chemicals within them. If youre perpetually itchy down thereand youve ruled out the possibility of a yeast infection, check out these Boody organic bamboo women’s briefs. Theyre made with 80 percent organic bamboo rayon, whichmakes them extra soft, lightweight, and comfortable, as well asmoisture-wicking and breathable.

6. You Dont Have Enough Butt SupportMaidenform Smoothe Luxe Hipster (Sizes 5-8), $4-$20, Amazon

Some people totally go for the under-butt look, but if you find yourself having to pull your underwear down over your cheeks all day long, go for something with more coverage, like these luxe hipster undies. These undies have a satin stretch waistband and a breathable lace front, which make them perfect for lounging around in comfort or turning things up.7. Theyre Drooping In The Crotch AreaNoPinching No Problems Modern Brief Panty (M-XXXL), $6-$21, Amazon

When you start to feel the crotch of your underwear slippingdown your pant leg, its time for an upgrade. This ‘NoPinching, No Problems’ modern brief panty is a go-tofor so many women because its made from a stretchy and shape-holding material thathugs your body in all the right places. It offers full coverageand a high elastic waistband that keeps your underwear where it should be, andone reviewer puts it quite eloquently: I thought I was going to have to resortto suspenders. Thankfully, a pair of these came straight to my door, from thispurveyor of undergarments.

8. The Waist Gets Stretched Out Too EasilyCalvinKlein Women’s Modern Cotton Bikini Panty (S-L), $8-$20, Amazon

If, by the third wash, your underwear looks more like aclassy curtain draped halfway across your butt, this CalvinKlein modern cotton bikini panty is anawesome option. Its got a comfortable but durable wide waistband to keep thingsup and in place, and the bikini fit is crazy comfortable, fits well, and feelsgreat.

9. Youre Flat-Out UncomfortableYoumitaBamboo Plus Size Panties (2X-4X), $21-$29, Amazon

If a pair of underwear is just all-around pinchy, tight, andconfining, go for the next size up. These Youmita bamboo panties are some of the most comfortablestyles out there, and theyre absolutely adorable, too. Theyre madefrom cotton, spandex, and bamboo yarn, and are super breathable, soft, and hugthe body in all the right places without making you feel restricted.

10. You Dont Feel Protected During Your PeriodLeakProof Control Panties (4-8), $13-$19, Amazon

Regardless cheap lingerie online of your go-to feminine hygiene products, thereare some panties you just wearthat week — for example, your favorite white lace thong. Instead, reach forthese leak-proof undies. They come in a pack of two orthree, and they are made with an inner leak-proof lining that can hold hours of thatarbitrary blue liquid in period commercials (or, yknow, blood). Use them alongsidetampons or pads for assured protection, or entirely on their own, and reviewerssay theyre comfortable, they fit well, and they offer full coverage.