Yes, Jessica Simpson Has Amazing Legs, But Now Let’s Talk About That Flower Crown

Jessica Simpson cheap lingerie online already reached her goal weight in time for her nuptials, and her hard work is paying off for wedding on the way. The star is gearing up for her bridesmaid duties in sister Ashlees upcoming ceremony, and she just showed off her crazy-toned bikini body at her sister’s bachelorette party. Her legs, in one word? Insane. Read all about her workout here, and then join us in talking about another component of her poolside look: the flower crown.

Not just for music festivals anymore, flower crowns have become an “it” accessory for parties and milestone celebrations. Jess teamed her black, cleavage-enhancing one-piece with nude wedges and a pink ring of roses around her head, the perfect complement to her beachy waves. And yes, all the girls at the party had their own flower crowns as well.

Another place to wear a floral wreath? A baby shower! Alyssa Milano celebrated the impending birth of her second child, a daughter due in September, in a pretty print maxi dress and a big arrangement of fresh blooms on her head.

And lastly, and cheap lingerie online probably the most unique use of a flower crown to date, Kaley Cuoco wore a ginormous one to yoga class last week . Maybe it was her special day to lead sun salutations, or maybe they were playing a game of pass the flower crown, or perhaps she needed a solid base for her headstand? She hasn’t clarified yet.